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Nostalgia Car Show

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On saturday 6th of june, there will be the second edition of the event called Nostalgia Car Show, that will be arranged in Helsinki, in Suvilahti. The focus in this show are the vehicles and lifestyle of the 1970s, 1980s and the1990s, in other words, the birth of Finnish and Scandinavian Hot Rodding. It was an era, when American cars, Rock`N`Roll, Disco, and things like jeans and fast food was rolling in to and changed Finland. Suvilahti Area & Arena, offers an authentic atmosphere for this Festival. Registration to the show is open. If You have a piece of Scandinavian nostalgia history and want to exhibit it and be part of the show uniquely concentrating only in this, please contact the organizer.


På lördagen den 6 juni kommer den andra upplagan av Nostalgia Car Show att anordnas i centrum av Helsingfors. Närmare bestämt i Suvilahti ( Södervik ), vilket ligger i Helsingfors hamn, nära Finlands färjorna. Iden med Nostalgi Festivalen är att samla likasinnade och visa fram fordon och livsstilen från 1970-talet, 1980-talet och 1990-talet, med andra ord ifrån tiden för födelsen av Finlands och Skandinaviens Hot Rodding. Det var en tid då amerikanska bilar, Rock`N' Roll, Disco och saker som jeans och snabbmat rullade in och förändrade Finland för gott. Suvilahti Arena och område erbjuder en autentisk atmosfär för Nostalgia Car Show & Festival. Registrering till showen är öppen. Om du har Skandinavisk nostalgi historia i from av ett fordon eller annat av intresse och vill ställa ut den och vara en del av showen, kontakta arrangören, omgående.

Cars, bikes and lifestyle of the 70s, 80s and 90s

Survivors from the past or built in the old fashion way

Helsinki Ice Areena, 12th of May 2018

A new Car Show in town 

Nostalgia Car Show is a 1 day show, a gathering around vehicles and lifestyle representing the wild crazy times of the 70s , 80s and beginning of the 90s. There will be strong survivors, fresh restaurations, barn finds and just finished builds with the twist of that old era and trends in car building, when everything seemed possible and the style was bold and wild. It will be a unique gathering and Car Show that also has a hobby park for new generation hobby cars outside the arena. The day will end with a cool cruising parade from the arena to the city of Helsinki mixing the show cars and other newer hobby cars in a mind blowing mix.



Entrance once, during the show


Youth ticket

7 - 15 years, entrance together with an adult


Kids under the age of 7

Free entrance together with adult that has purchased a ticket


Show location

Welcome to the Nostalgia Car Show 2018!

Nostalgia Car Show, Suvilahti

Sörnäisten Rantatie 22, Helsinki

+358 40 6726 445


Exhibition 10.00 am - 6.00 pm

Hoppy car parking 10.00 am - 6.30 pm

Car parade 6.30 pm -


How to get to the show

Easy to come

Center Of Helsinki - Arena

Regular travel time is about 15-20 minutes.

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Suvilahti cultural centre is a former power plant that comprises nine buildings, two gasometers and yard space. Tenants range from authors to a brewery bar and from graffitigallery to a restaurant. The operating model for the area is similar to that of the Cable Factory, the largest cultural centre in Finland, in Ruoholahti. Suvilahti is a unique industrial milieu that is changing all the time - at least its graffiti wall looks different every day. Suvilahti is home to a wide range of cultural actors and a venue for major public events and festivals.


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